Byaheng Bulacan

Bulacan is one of our neighboring province in Pampanga. So, I was never really that interested to explore the place until many of its hidden wonders were posted in some social media sites. My family and I were also once became residents of Calumpit, Bulacan when we’ve experience a flashflood in Pampanga that lasted for months. I was just a little kid back then. I never had an opportunity to get to see to and explore the beauty and rich culture of Bulacan until I myself saw what the province can offer to tourists. Below are some of the to-do when visiting Bulacan.


Biak na Bato National Park

Located in the town of San Miguel, this is probably one of the famous historical places in the Philippines. It became a hiding place for the late Filipino national heroes during their battle for Philippine Independence. Biak na Bato has several caves that can be explored. One of these is the Paniki Cave (Bat Cave). Well, obviously, you know what to expect inside this cave. The Biak na Bato National Park is a developed place already. You need not have to trek a muddy and dangerous trail because a big part of the vicinity is already cemented. This is also a common field trip destination for history students. The place is well-maintained by the locals. Entrance fee is Php50.00 and guide fee is Php150.00.

biak 2

San Rafael River Adventure

This is probably one of the newest tourist destination for the millenials. It has a river where you can enjoy some water activities like kayaking, jetski and the zorb which is newest one that they offer to guests. They also have an infinity and a floating pool located in the river. They have luxury villas and big tents for those who plans to have an overnight stay at the place. Day tour fee is Php750.00 per pax from 7am to 6pm which for me is a little overpriced.

Day tour fee includes the entrance, a free kubo type cottage, use of infinity and floating pool and a 1 hr free kayak ride. They also serve food in case you would want to try their dishes. I actually expected too much about the place based on social media posting by friends. When I was there, the floating bridge was already down. Some spots of the resort were not well maintained although according to the staffs, they’re still in the process of developing the place.

san rafael

JL Jamies Restaurant

We’ve discovered this place as it was featured in some local travel shows like Day Off and Byahe ni Drew. JL Jamie’s is a famous Bulacan restaurant because of their crispy pata. The dish is a perfect example of what a “soft in the inside and crispy outside” food. I would suggest trying their chopsuey and sinigang sa hipon. All in less than a thousand pesos for a group of 5, you won’t regret trying what the establishment could offer.


Aside from the above mentioned establishments, Bulacan is also famous to the mountaineering community in the Philippines as some of the mountaines are open for hiking. Baliuag, Bulacan is known for its “lechon manok” (grilled chicken).


Another town is Malolos, known by many because of its historical Barasoin Church. Bulacan is a big provinccce in the north of the Philippines. There are still a lot more to visit here. A day of tour isn’t enough to witness the beauty of the whole province.

Thank you for reading and comments are welcome.


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