Byaheng Bataan – The 1K Pesos Travel Challenge (Five Fingers and Sisiman Travel Guide)

Five Fingers Mariveles, Bataan

This trip started with the idea of challenging ourselves if we can stick within a maximum budget of 1 thousand pesos in an out of town day trip. Together with my PDI family Jeff, Qing and Ms. Arms, we planned to pursue the trip to the Five Fingers of Mariveles, Bataan and Sisiman Beach and Lighthouse. Do you think we’re able to passed the challenge? Well, read more below to know.

Short trekking uphill in Five Fingers Mariveles, Bataan

From our meeting place in North Walk San Fernando, Pampanga, we started the day by riding a bus bound to Mariveles, Bataan (See below for the itinerary and complete breakdown of expenses). Travel time is more than 2 hrs.

Claubel Beach or Hawla Beach in Five Fingers Mariveles, Bataan

Upon arrival to Mariveles, we directed towards the public market to buy some food to cook for the lunch time in the beach. We then rode a jeepney going to Claubel Beach formerly known as Hawla Beach. Entrance fee for adults is 60php and 30 for kids. We opted to have a concrete cottage which is the cheapest for 500php.

Fees at Claubel Beach / Hawla Beach Five Fingers Mariveles, Bataan

We didn’t waste any time. Upon entering the vicinity of the beach, cameras were out and everyone were ready to take some shots. We climbed the hill to the right side to see the booming fame of Five Fingers in Mariveles, Bataan. The view at the top is quite familiar. It was somehow similar to the Marlboro Country of Batanes and Dingalan, Aurora.

It’s me! Five Fingers Mariveles, Bataan

After taking enough photos, we went back to the cottage and prepared our grilling materials.  I went back up to the hiway to buy some mineral water and chips while the three have started to grill the marinated chicken and prepared the milkfish after. We had our lunch. It was not superb nor extravagantly feasty but was enough and satisfying because we prepared and cooked it ourselves.

Our lunch in Five Fingers Mariveles, Bataan

After the lunch, we had some nap time and have also explored and took some photos of the wavy beach. The beach itself seemed to be good, only if the locals will be taught how to properly preserved and maintain the cleanliness of the place.

I was wet all over. But we’ve decided to leave the place since there were plenty of guests lined up for the bathroom and were waiting for their turn. We’ve decided to go to Sisiman.

Sisiman Lighthouse Mariveles, Bataan

We have to walk a little from Claubel’s Beach and then rode a jeepney and a tricycle before reaching Sisiman. Upon arrival, it was drizzling. So, we didn’t had the chance to climb the hill in Sisiman. We are also disappointed with the place because it’s dirty and not well maintained. We have just took photos of the lighthouse and the view of the sea.

Before we left the place, I bathed in a small area near the public beach. Not a good place to enjoy the bath but I badly needed it at that time. LOL!

Our little guide in Sisiman Beach and Lighthouse

We then left Sisiman. Ride another tricycle and asked the driver to drop us at the Bus stop bound to Balanga, Bataan. We thought we were about to come to a nice park but again, the place was not maintained. There are still a lot of people coming but it seems like an ordinary park.

Balanga City Proper Church, Balanga, Bataan

We then again rode another tricycle from park to the center of Balanga and took some photos of the church. It was a nice view. The purple-colored sky coincide the busy city scene. We had our dinner just a few steps in Meats and Match Balanga, Bataan branch with their buy 1 take 1 promo on their selected meals. It was a satisfying dinner. We then head back home and rode a tricycle going to the bus station bound back to Pampanga.

Actual itinerary and expenses below.


Until our next travel challenge. Interested to join? Or do you have any suggestion on our next travel challenge? We want to hear from you in the comment section.

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