Meats And Match Resto: Tasty, Quality, Not Pricey

Meats and Match is a restaurant dedicated to bring consumers with affordable meals, tasty dishes but maintains the quality of the food at the same time. It has 3 branches in Pampanga located in Dolores, City of San Fernando; Newpoint Mall, Angeles City and in Kombi Food Park in Maimpis, City of San Fernando. There is also one in Balanga, Bataan.

Caramel Brownie a la Mode at Meats And Match
Mild Buffalo Wings at Meats And Match
Salt and Pepper Steak at Meats And Match
Chicken Chipotle at Meats And Match
Mild Buffalo Wings at Meats And Match
Banana Apple Mango Fruity Smoothie at Meats And Match
Grilled Porkchop at Meats And Match
Boneless Chicken Barbeque at Meats And Match
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings at Meats And Match

Visit a branch of Meats and Match today and get to taste a piece of heaven on earth. Even on a tight budget, you only deserve quality food and quality service. As what they say in Meats and Match, they only serve meals #SizzledToPerfection.

-Echo (

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