Free Drinks: A Kapampangan Couple’s Way of Giving Back

“Lahat ng tao may pinagdadaanan kahit sabihin mong Clark ‘to and meron meron yung ibang taong nagpupunta dito. Kahit papaano ‘di ba, sa simpleng paraan makatulong ka” – Kimberly Callao.

I used to have a routine run at least twice a week as my way of maintaining a good health. After rendering my duty hours at the office, I come to Clark Development Council (CDC) Parade Grounds inside the Clark Special Economic Zone to run since they have a rubber-coated jogging path around a wide football field park.

Jayson, Grace, Jen and Kim giving free drinks in CDC Parade Grounds, Clark

Last Thursday, during the run, I saw this lady offering me free drinks. Confused with what I heard, I asked her what she said and yes, she’s offering me some free drinks. I then saw a big jar filled with citrus juice and a signage “free drinks”. I got curious so I stayed for a while and asked few questions and also to make friends with these kind people. That lady was Kimberly Callao or Kim with some of her friends namely Jayson, Jen and Grace who come from a church in a small Christian community.

According to Kim, they have started this small act of kindness last February of this year 2018. They come to CDC Parade Grounds every Thursday after their day jobs and after coming to school to give free drinks to all runners, frisbee and football players and other people visiting the park. This has started when Kim’s husband, Justin Callao, had a day vision and saw himself giving free drinks inside the park. From the way Kim talked to me, I can say they are very committed with their religion and community service. They have no idea what Justin’s vision mean but they just know they have to do it and help the community as their way of giving back to the people and sharing the blessings that they’re receiving on a day to day basis.

Couple Kim and Justin Callao giving free drinks in CDC Parade Grounds, Clark

Kim said they are happy to do this act for everyone regardless of social status since many of those who come to exercise and play inside the park are not really the poorest of the poor. They spend their personal money to give simple joy and that means a lot. Their prize? Having some new peers whom they’ve offered their free drinks and they’re also being offered back to join some of the group’s game. Even when it rains, Kim told me that they still come to the park to give their free drinks.  In case you don’t see them inside the field, they might probably inside one of the car in the parking area. The couple are from Angeles City while some of their friends who voluntarily helps them are from Tarlac. They still manage to come because of genuine willingness to help. They usually come by 6pm but varies whenever they have some important matters or events that needs to prioritize.

I am always touched by such kind gestures and this is a good proof that you don’t always have to be rich to give a helping hand. I just thought this couple deserves to be recognize for having a good heart and so as their friends who helps them whenever they are available. Say hi to them and have a taste of their free drinks in case you encounter them on a Thursday night inside CDC Parade Grounds.

Kudos to you Justin, Kim and friends. Faith in humanity was again restored because of people like you. Hand down and continue to give simple joy to people.

-Echo (

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