Velvet Ganache: Offering the Best Seafood Pasta in Pampanga

Hello readers! It’s been a while since I posted my last blog entry. And to start this year’s content, may I present to you the cozy restaurant that captured my heart because of their creamy tomato seafood pasta, that is, Velvet Ganache.

Owned by a known culinary expert in Pampanga, Chef Vince Garcia ensures that Velvet Ganache will give it’s customer a great delight everytime they walk out of their restaurant. It is an italian inspired restaurant known for their breads and pastry as well as pasta dishes though they serve more than that.

Below are just some of the dishes that they offer in Velvet Ganache. Prices are based on per individual serving but photos posted here will be the family set/sharing plates which will they offer in the restaurant very soon.

Creamy Tomato Seafood Pasta of Velvet Ganache in SM Telabastagan

1. Creamy Tomato Seafood Pasta – this might win it all which I just said my favorite so far. This pasta has a rich flavorful taste and is something I would recommend the most. It’s not a sweet style pasta and so as not too sour. The sauce is thick and mouth-watering. You won’t regret it and surely a must-try. Probably, the best Italian style pasta I’ve tasted so far in Pampanga if not in the Philippines. I’d give it a 9 rating out of 10. Price is 399php.


Muy Caliente Wings of Velvet Ganache in SM Telabastagan

2. Muy Caliente Wings – these are chicken wings for spicy food lovers. They taste good though I am not really a fan of too much spicy foods when I feel like I don’t recognize the taste and flavor anymore and everything falls behind its spiciness. I have friends whom I know would try this anyway. If you are challenged of how spicy it is, then try! They have a ready sriracha sauce if you’re not satisfied. 🙂 Price is 285php.

3. Nippon Kani Salad in Mango Dressing -yas! they also have salads which I truly liked for vegetarians and salad lovers. The dressing is fab and the veggies are surely fresh. Price is 239php.

Cajun Roasted Chicken with Shitake Mushroom Sauce of Velvet Ganache in SM Telabastagan

4. Cajun Roasted Chicken with Shitake Mushroom Sauce – the meat of the chicken literally separates from the bone. Imagine the chickenjoy of jollibee? though they differ in taste but both are good. Honestly, I didn’t get the cajun taste but the mushroom sauce tasted really well. Price is 295php.

5. Pork Ribs with Aged Biurbon Whisky Barbeque Sauce – it is quite more of having a Filipino taste since the sauce is sweet. I personally might prefer it a little salter than sweet. Still, it tasted good though not just my kind of barbeque sauce. We have different preferences anyway. Price is 415php.

Signature Jackie Chan of Velvet Ganache in SM Telabastagan

6. Signature Jackie Chan – yas! Almost the same taste of Charlie Chan of Yellow Cab though I would prefer VG’s version since it is a little spicy but still flavorful. The little spiciness gives a kick to the pasta. Price is 329php.

Other options that you may be interested are below:

Nachos of Velvet Ganache in SM Telabastagan

7. Nachos. Price is 239php.

Velvet Ganache Sinature Pizaa at The Interior of Velvet Ganache in SM Telabastagan

8. Velvet Ganache Signature Pizza. Price is 540php.

Quesadillas The Interior of Velvet Ganache in SM Telabastagan

9. Chicken Mango Quesadilla or Four Cheese Quesadilla. Price is 239php.

As I’ve said earlier, Velvet Ganache is known for their breads and pastries. Are you curious what they taste like? I am too LOL but will try these probably soon. I haven’t tasted one yet.

If you’re interested in dining here, Velvet Ganache is located at the Ground Floor of SM Telabastagan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. Until on my next food trip.

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