Favori Scents, Taking Your Home To a New 5 Star Hotel Experience

One of the best of part of traveling is getting different hotel experience. If given the chance and sufficient resources, we would definitely opt to stay in a place where everything is clean and comfortable. By all means, after a tiring day, we all wanted to relax when we are at home or when we need to rest. Now, you need not pay expensive just to get and experience the smell of a 5 star hotel room. I just discovered something good and I’m sure you won’t get disappointed.

The Favori Scent Luxury Aroma Collection –  Warm Sunshine Aroma Oil and Reed Diffuser

Have you heard of Favori Scents? I just found it on instagram. Since local and international brands of different products and services is now using instagram to market, it became a big means of communicating to consumers through social media.

The Favori Scent Luxury Aroma Collection –  Warm Sunshine Reed Diffuser

To give you an idea, I have learned that Favori Scents is a brand created to provide the local market access to quality and long-lasting ambient scents for various living spaces at affordable prices and that includes your home. This is the reason why I told you earlier that you don’t really need to spend so much to feel like you are staying in a 5 star hotel. Let me tell in you in details why.

The Favori Scent Luxury Aroma Collection –  Warm Sunshine Burner Aroma Oil

Among the newest collection of Favori Luxury Aroma Collections, I was able to try the “warm sunshine” aroma oil and reed diffuser. This specific scent that Favori has created will lift your mood and will make you enjoy the brilliance of life. It is very relaxing and will relieve your body from so much stress feeling.

Based on experience, I felt like my energy for the day has increased and it will make you feel like it creates a positive vibe inside the room because of the extravagant smell. I’m not an expert with scents or in any field related to this but I know for a fact that aromatherapy was believed to be one of the effective ways to treat human symptoms and illnesses. Stress is one of the biggest factor why people get sick and so we must find ways on how to prevent this.

The Favori Scent Luxury Aroma Collection –  Warm Sunshine Diffuser Oil

In case you are interested to try, Favori Scents are available at Glorietta 3, Robinsons Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM Marikina, SM Southmall and Market-Market.

-Echo (www.byahecho.com)

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