From the owner’s perspective and outlook upon discovering the place, they felt like it was destiny that they’ve discovered such a stress-free environment, thus, the name Destinare was made. Located in Anawangin Cove, Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales, Destinare Beach Resort officially opened to the public on February of 2018. Before then, it was merely just a campsite island. Now, there are a lot of amenities in the island after the owner acquired the land and made some real development for the people to enjoy the beauty not just of the beach but of the nature.

There are currently 4 stations in the Beach Resort. First station includes the villas. Station 2 is where concrete cottages located. Station 3 is for Nipa Huts and the Station 4 for the camping site. Destinare Beach Resort is estimated 5-6 hectares. The owners reassures that they can accommodate a large number of guest all at the same time and based on the type of accommodation the guest would prefer.

Destinare also offers a stunning overview of the beach on what they call as wishing mountains. According to the owner, there are locals and guests who believes that there is a fairy guarding mountain and island and grants wishes. The island also offers some stress-releasing walls where you can throw off objects to release anger and anxiety. They also have other amenities and activities on the island. They have the Swimming pools, Love-Lock Mountains, Paint Ball Saga and Survival Game, they have a butterfly garden. And soon, they plan to launch the Enchanted Forest and Man-made Zodiac Lake. The owners promise not to stop developing the place, so, whenever guests comes back, they can witness and experience something new to the beach resort and to the island.

What I personally like about this place is the quality of time you can get and the bond you can make with your family and friends. The island is not really supplied with electricity, the owners provided some generators enough to light the dark nights and to run some appliances that their accommodations requires like aircons, fan, bulb light, etc. The island is also a dead spot for networks. When I was there, I didn’t had any chance of having even a bar of signal on my phone. So, when eating time comes in, nobody’s really on their phone, just pure bonding experiences. It’s one of the places that you would want if you want to force everybody in your squad to be with one another and not on their phones and gadgets.

On top of the mountains beside the accommodation and camping area, it is very relaxing to watch the sunset. They have a store and canteen who caters guest who wants to eat. They even offer Unlimited Korean Barbecue by the beach. During the night, mostly on weekends, they have guest entertainment programs and games. I even had the chance to sit as judge to their Bikini Contest during the time we were there. It was a fun experience. The hosts are good and entertaining. The food is great. They even have fire-dancers who are on their performance level.

So, if you are interested to visit one of these days. Go come to this cheap travel destination where you can surely relax and be stress-free.

Entrance Fee

Daytour – 70php; Overnight – 130php


Starts from 300php to 6000php from tents to an aircon room.

Destinare offers an executive package which costs 600php per pax that includes boat transfer with well-trained staff, accomodation/big tents and all access to all amenities of the resort.


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