Lakbay La Union

La Union is a well known surfing destination in the Philippines to the Filipinos and to foreign tourists as well. But that doesn’t end there. The nature and the people have other things to offer. Here are the list of what to visit and to-do when visiting La Union.



First on the list is the Tangadan Falls in the town of San Gabriel. Among many of the waterfalls I’ve seen in the different parts of the Philippines, this is one of my favorites. Before you reach the falls, you need to go and pass through river trekking. Along the way to the falls, you can try their 20 ft cliff jumping experience. First timer? no need to worry as there is always a guide to help you out and a rope. Life jackets are also available to make sure it’s safe for everyone.

la union

Tangadan Falls is so beautiful. Tourists are allowed to bathe, swim and experience bamboo rafting under the falls. Never leave La Union without visiting this truly lovely nature. If you need a guide, you may contact Kuya Rolly Costales 09271133710. 1-7 pax costs Php500 for a guide.



If Benguet is known for their strawberry farms, grape farms are the one to be visited in La Union. Located in the town of Bauang, there are plenty of grape farms offering grape picking experience. One of which is Gapuz Grape Farm, who became famous after a social media hit. Similar in Benguet, everything you picked inside will be weighted and has to be bought.


Locals are also offering a free taste of their grape wine. The wine taste good. And i mean really good that I’ve bought 4 bottles before we leave and brought home.



San Juan is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to enjoy surfing in La Union. I would recommend staying in Sebay Surf Central especially for backbackers who just wants to relax near the beach, enjoy the live band at their in-house restaurant every night and food stores and “gimikan” spots just across the street. Surfing in San Juan costs around Php500-600 per hour including a tutorial for first timers. But it still depends on your bidding ability. LOL!



Halo Halo De Iloco is a must try cafe and resto located in the town of San Fernando. The place is quite famous that we need to wait for seats vacancy before we were accomodated. No wonder that it was featured already in some local travel shows. The usual halo-halo and fried halo-halo are the must-try in this cafe.



In Bauang, Rose Bowl Restaurant is a place to try for anybody who loves Chinese foods. The resto is similar to Fortune Seafood Restaurant in Pampanga although the taste of the dishes are quite different.


All of the mentioned establishments above are located in 4 different towns of La Union. But all are just near each other so you need not have to worry much on time as all of these can be visited and done in just an overnight stay.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll get to visit La Union soon.


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