Chasing Caramoan Islands

Chasing Caramon in Camarines Sur was so far my longest land travel. It took us about almost 17hrs on the road on the way to Caramoan coming from Pampanga. Although we had several stop overs including the meet up in Farmer’s in Araneta and SM Mall of Asia. So, if you’re planning to go here, make sure to spend few days if you want to enjoy the beach and expect that a lot of your time will be consumed in the trip. Another option is take a plane ride to Bicol instead, to make your trip shorter.


What to do in Caramoan? Well, we’ve spent most of our time in Caramoan doing island hopping. This might be the negative side of visiting the place for me because there is no much activities to do. Being too adventurous, I was looking for something more. You may bring your snorkeling equipments as this is one of the activities you can do here. Make sure to bring extra batteries for your cameras too to capture those picture pecfect spots of the islands.



I’ve learned that Matukad is a Bicolano term which means “matarik”. This fits the name of the island as you really need to climb up the limestone cliff in order for you to see the totality and beauty of the island. It offers a white sand shore and an exceptional view at the top. Some locals are selling halo-halo, a local dessert in the Philippines.



One of the amazing views that I saw was the Manlawi Island sandbar. The sand was so pure and white that I’ve felt the need to post it in my instagram.



There is also one island here that the locals compares to a spot in Batanes. Since I’ve been to Batanes already, I thought it actually really looks the same. The name of the island is Guinahuan Island. The breathtaking view made me missed Batanes. You just need a little climb to the hill and you’ll be able to see the lighthouse and the Batanes view at the top.


Caramon Island offers a stunning white sand and coral view. The place is perfect for those who loves sunbathing.


Aside from the islands, you can also visit an old church made from bricks which they call as the St. Michael Archangel Church. Do not forget to buy pili nuts as pasalubong before you leave which the Bicol region is known for aside from bicol express, a native dish of the province.



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