A Five Hour Visit in Tarlac

The province of Tarlac is not a known tourist destination. Many travelers would just do quick stops for restroom breaks and quick bites. And so, many are unaware that Tarlac is not just a province of low diverse culture in the plains of the north but it also offers a vast number of tourist spots and natural resources.

I have discovered falls and mountains that are trekkable but I ain’t able to visit any of this yet. For now, let me tell you how I’ve spent my 5 hours touring the town of San Jose and Tarlac City.


Monasterio De Tarlac

San Jose in Tarlac is almost an hour and a half travel from San Fernando City in Pampanga and about 3hrs travel if coming from Manila. Intending to visit the Monasterio De Tarlac, be aware that it is a little far from the city. I noticed that houses along the way are very few and so as the public transportation going to the place so I suggest to use or rent a private car to prevent a hussle travel. I saw a lot of bikers going to this place. There are plenty of fruit vendors along the way too.


Monasterio De Tarlac is a good place for those who wants to reflect and feel the fresh air on top of the mountain away from the city. There are food vendors inside so even if you forgot to pack some food, it’s okay. The scenic view on top with the 30 ft colossal statue of Jesus Christ is the main attraction of the vicinity. It also has a wide wishing well. Schedule of mass are as follows:

Sunday – 10:30am & 3:00pm

Monday – 10:30am

Tuesday – 10:30am

Wednesday – 10:30am

Thursday – 6:00am

Friday – 10:30am

Saturday – 10:30am


Nay’s House Restaurant

Nay’s House is a resto located in the heart of Tarlac City. It is a 45minutes drive from Monasterio De Tarlac. The place is literally an old house that was preserved and converted into a restaurant. The interior is very old fashioned and the ambiance is very relaxing.


The menu in Nay’s House are not only eye-catching but also taste really good. The serving per order is good for 2-3 pax. The recommended dishes would be beef riblets, grilled chicken with gravy and my personal pick pork salpicao. I would not recommended the chicken soup as it taste a little bland and the flour was not totally melted.


KCT Kart City

Release the child in you. Everybody would definitely enjoy the kart ride in KCT Kart which is also located in Tarlac City just about 5-10minutes away only from Nay’s House Restaurant. It can be found along the national road in Mc Arthur Hiway and just in front of SM City Tarlac.


The Kart City also offers food establishment inside. Although the kart rental is a little pricey for me. The kart rental is 250php for a 5minutes ride in the race track. There are separate tracks for kids and kids at heart.


So next time, do not just take your wee wee breaks and quick food trips in Tarlac. Explore the place and you will definitely find interesting and worth visiting establishments and tourist spots.

Until my next Tarlac trip.

-Echo (www.byahecho.com)

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