Mount Masungki and Nagpatong Rock Formation

Nagpatong Rock

Elevation: 660 masl
Difficulty Level: 4/9
Specs: Minor Climb, Trail Class Level 2, Rock Scrambling

Mount Masungki Summit

This is my first blog post about my mountaineering experience but this was actually my 16th summited mountain in the Philipppines.

Nagpatong Rock

I was convinced to join my friend’s event on this climb after seeing the photo of Nagpatong Rock.


The group met in Farmers. We left Quezon City by 2am and reached Tanay, Rizal by 3am. It was a rainy morning. Registration has been made and orientation was done by our local guides. By almost 4am, we left the jump off site and start to trek even if it rains.


The trail is muddy as expected because of the non stop rain. Raincoats and headlights became very useful since it’s still dark at that time.

Mount Masungki Summit

The trail has a lot of ascend and descend. It might be recommended for beginners if only the weather is fine and the trail is dry. A 2-3hrs trek is estimated for hikers to reach the summit. Masungki near its summit has a billboard which is now getting popular to the mountaineering community. It offers a scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountains.


When you reach Nagpatong Rock, a wooden ladder will be utilize and with the help of rope to climb. Guides will help you out especially when using the rope.

Nagpatong Rock

Below is sample itinerary for Masungki and Nagpatong Rock day hike.

2:00 am – Assembly at Cubao
2:30 am – ETD
3:30 am – ETA in Brgy. Cuyambay including registration and guide orientation
4:00 am – Start trek; Breakfast on trail.
7:00 am – ETA Summit Mt. Masungki
8:00 am – Descend to Nagpatong Rock
10:00 am – Nagpatong Rock Photo Ops
11:00 am – Descend to Jump Off
12:00 nn – ETA Jump off, wash up, lunch.
2:00 pm – ETD to Cubao
4:00 pm – ETA Cubao.

Hikers may opt to visit Tungtong Falls for estimated 3hrs trek back and forth after Nagpatong Rock and arrival at the jump off.


What to Bring?

– 2L of water / ion-rich drinks for hydration
– sunprotection gears (armsleeve etc.)
– trail foods (chocolates, nuts, banana)
– raincoat
– headlight
– extra clothes and shoes/sandals
– packed breakfast
– wash up things (soap, shampoo etc.)


It is better if you bring a pair of gloves as these will be very helpful when reach the rocky portion of Masungki and climbing the Nagpatong Rock.

– Echo (

5 thoughts on “Mount Masungki and Nagpatong Rock Formation

  1. ksama npo ba sa side trip ung tungtong falls? wer planning po kc umakyat dis june 2018 mt. masungki & nagpatong rock en how much po ang guide sa dalawang bundok n un en other expenses po sana? TIA po sa reply 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gelyn. Tungtong falls is optional pero pwede sya i-sidetrip though may additonal pay un sa registration/guide fee. I am not sure magkano na ngayon yung payment dahil nagtaas daw sila sa narinig ko though not sure. You may contact Tanay tourism office instead para sure kayo sa fees before pumunta. 🙂


    1. Hi Jay! Hindi ko na sure kung meron pero I can say dala ka nalang ng 1-2L of water and that would suffice na. Anyway, madali lang naman si Masungki and Nagpatong lalo na kung tuyo ung trail. Happy climbing.


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