Top 3 Things To Do in Negros Occidental

There are a lot of must-visit places in the Visayas part of the Philippines. One of these is the province of Negros Occidental. Below are the top 3 things that you need to visit when you come to visit Negros.


Probably, the most famous tourist destination in Bacolod is The Ruins. 


Built in early 1900s by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson in honor and memory of his loving wife Maria Braga from Macau, the Ruins may be considered as a heritage place today as s physical sign of great love. The Ruins was the biggest residential home at that time.


This mansion, known to be the “Taj Mahal of Negros”, was burnt during the World War II bu the guerillas to prevent the Japanese forces from using it as a headquarters.


Today, the Ruins serves as one of the famous heritage places in the Visayas region and a known tourist destination. The place is so peaceful. There is a restaurant beside the mansion but within the vicinity and a band playing with piano and saxophone that made it more a relaxing place.


How to get there: From Bacolod City, you can take a Bata-Libertad route jeepney and tell the driver to drop you to the tricycle terminal near Pepsi Cola plant. You can then ride a tricycle to the entrance of the Ruins.


The Pastry Shop by Bobs is located inside the Robinson’s Place Bacolod.


I cannot forget the taste of the fruit punch. It is very refreshing and healthy. Those bits of watermelon will help you hydrate after a long exposure under the sun. The cakes are also good and must try.

Of course, who doesn’t love the Bacolod Chicken Inasal.




Your time won’t be wasted exploring what’s inside Mambukal.

Mambukal, located in Murcia, Negros Ocidental, is a resort managed and owned by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental. Sulfur pools are one of the main attractions of the resort and the beautifully made lagoon.


Inside Mambukal, travelers may chase the 7 waterfalls of Negros. Unfortunately, at the time of our visit, it’s raining hard that we were not given access and permit to trek.


Luckily, one of the guides saw us taking pictures of the fast flowing river and helped us get to see the falls. After signing a waiver, we then rode a habal-habal (local term for motorcycle) up to the jump off and trek all the way up to see the mother of all 7 falls. We were not able to see the othe falls since it’s very dangerous at that time.


I will definitely go back to this place when I had the chance.

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