Mount Ugo Traverse (Mountaineering Travel Guide)

Elevation: 2220 masl
Difficulty Level: Traverse 5/9
Specs: Major Climb, Trail Class 1-3
Hours to Summit: 9-10 hours
Days to traverse: 2 days
Registration Fee in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya: Php50
Registration Fee in Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet: Php200 including certificate
Guide Fee: Php500/day
Guide to Climber Ratio: 1:7
Porter Fee: Php500/day max of 15kg
Monster Jeep from Km00 Itogon to Baguio: Php2,500

Campsite View in Mount Ugo

It was indeed a happy climb. I was a joiner of Extreme Explorer. When we started the trek. It was a tiring 2-3 hours of continuous ascend until we’ve reached the Indupit Village and had our lunch. We then encountered another group of mountaineers from which they started their trek to an easier trail but has limatiks in it.

Trail to Campsite

Before the village near the campsite is the last water source. So, better be sure to fill your water bladders and plastic bottles. This is because the next water source is about 7km away from the campsite. It becomes more important especially if you are planning to cook at the campsite for dinner and breakfast the next day. A cup of coffee and hot chocolate will be very helpful to a cold weather.

Campsite View of Mount Ugo

Always expect a cold climate when climbing the mountains of Benguet. The cloud formation on top are mesmerizing and perfect for your instagram.

During Descend in Mount Ugo

I was not prepared for the climb as I do not have a blanket for the cold climate. Luckily, I was able to brought 2 jackets. I regret not bringing a DSLR camera and a tripod. The night at the top is perfect for stargazing and astrophotography. We ended the night by playing category game. And it was a lot of fun, really.

Dinner in the Camp, Mount Ugo

The next day, we woke up seeing sea of clouds. Although, it was a little far from Mount Ugo. We had our breakfast and climb up the summit after which is not more than 30 minutes trek from the campsite. Take those good shot photos in the campsite as there is nothing really instagrammable in the summit in my opinion.

View of Mount Ugo

The first part of the descend is like walking down a steep ridge. It’s almost the same as that in the Mount 387 (See my previous blogpost). And then comes the long trekking part in the plains. When we’ve reached the Lusod Village, we had a little stop over and took some energy booster since it’s almost lunch time before we’ve resumed with descend. In Km3, we were supposed to ride a jeepney going down but because the road is under repair, we were forced to continue our descend up to the Km00 which is the finish point of the trek. Before reaching Km00, you will get to meet and may take some photo ops to the famous hanging bridge of Itogon.

Getting Ready in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya

Special thanks to Ailyn for letting us use her tent for the night. The barbeques of Ate Rizza and the unexpected bulgogi of Vince are really great for dinner. Thanks to Anne, Clarisse and Jobie for always washing the plates and Tolits for preparing the cooking set. Thanks also to Orlan for being our official photog and Jamex as the head organizer of this climb.

Almost Border of Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet

This group made this adventure trip as my happiest climb so far. I’ve never know any of them except Jobie whom I have never seen for more than 7 years since college. But the thing is, I never felt out of place even once. It feels like I’m with my long time friends. They didn’t treat me different. So, a big thank you guys!

Summit of Mount Ugo

As always, it will never be all about the place, but the people and experience. Just enjoy every moment of every adventure and you will surely get an unforgettable memories.

Summit of Mount Ugo


Our Mount Ugo trip video in a youtube link below:

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1
12mn – ETD Manila
6am – ETA Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya; Breakfast; Registration; Secure Guide
7am – Start Trek
10am – ETA Indupit Village; Lunch
12nn – Resume Trek; Last Water Source Before the Village
5pm – ETA Campsite; Tent; Photo Ops
7pm – Dinner
8pm – Socials
9pm – Lights Off

Day 2
5am – Wake Up Call; Clean Up; Breakfast
7am – Resume Trek to Summit
7:30am – ETA Summit Mount Ugo; Photo Ops
8am – Start Descend
11am – ETA Lusod Village; Lunch
12nn – Resume Descend
2pm – ETA Itogon Village; Photo Ops to Hanging Bridge
2:30pm – ETA Km00; End of Trek
3:30 – Wash Up; ETD to Barangay Hall; Topload in jeepney
4pm – ETA Barangay Hall; Sign Out; Giving of Certificate
4:15pm – ETD Barangay Hall to Baguio City
5:30pm – ETA Baguio City; Dinner
7pm – ETD Baguio City
1am – ETA Manila

1. Make sure to bring blanket or sleeping bag for the cold climate.
2. The descend part is very tiring and hot so be sure you have plenty of water at least 2L going up and 2L going down.
3. Pack light and right.
4. Headlights will be very helpful.
5. Enough food for energy including trail foods.

Until Next Climb!

-Echo (

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