Cafe Expo

Hello to all anime lovers out there. This is a good place for you to hang out with your group who are also certified anime fanatics.


Cafe expo is an anime-themed coffee shop located near Pampanga High School in San Fernando, Pampanga. The idea of this cafe came from it’s two owner. One is Mr. Aldrin Quiambao who is a coffee lover while Mr. Mark Christian Dizon is the anime lover.

Cafe Expo Staffs in their Anime Costume

The staffs in the cafe are in anime costumes. They also have a television which will allow you to watch anime all day. They also have game cards like UNO that you can play for free while dining in the cafe. This makes the customers more comfortable while enjoying the anime-feels ambiance.

Frapuccino Overload in Cafe Expo
Do do do donuts of Cafe Expo
Nachos of Cafe Expo

Frappucinos are the main products of the cafe. For more than 2 months of operation after its opening last July 8, 2017, they have received positive feedbacks especially with their best seller frappes blue berry flavor and matcha green tea. They also have donuts on their menu and the appetizing plate of nachos. These are their must-try.

Matcha Green Tea and Hot Chocolate

Cafe expo also serves hot drinks suitable for a rainy weather. These includes a hot matcha green tea, a hot chocolate which taste good (not too sweet for the tastebuds👍🏻) and the cafe latte. All are serve with latte art on top. You might also be interested to try their chocolate and caramel belgian waffles.

Choco and Caramel Belgian Waffle

So, come and visit them and try what this cafe has to offer. We’ll be glad to know your feedback after your visit. Share it with us in the comment section.


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