Skydiving: Fulfilling My Childhood’s Greatest Dream Adventure in Bantayan Island

We are all natural dreamers. We always aim and wish to get and do the things that we want.  It is very fulfilling once we get them especially if it resulted by means of hardword. We feel victorious and happy. And happiness is something money can’t buy.

It’s me on the parachute! Skydiving in Bantayan Island

Skydiving has always been and will always be my greatest dream adventure. When I saw the promotional ad of tandem skydiving being offered in Cebu, I immediately inquired and asked some friends who would want to join me. Many of my friends wants to try it. Unfortunately, the price being offered is somewhat expensive. Although realistically speaking, I thought the price is reasonable because you need a pay for the plane and the gears plus it already includes photos and videos of the actual skydiving.

Plane for skydiving in Bantayan Island, Cebu

Landed safely to Mactan Cebu International Airport, we travelled north of Cebu via a van from Cebu City terminal for about 4-5hrs and then rode a boat going to Bantayan Island. I’ve booked the hotel in Sta. Fe Beach Club ahead of time to prevent a hussle trip which was actually a beach resort. Sta. Fe Beach Club is just few minutes away via tricycle from the airport where the skydiving is being held.

Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

I was amazed by the beach view of the island. It seemed like I was in Boracay but without all the establishments in the seashore and the overcrowding visitors. The island is not yet developed and the sand is so pure and white. I woke up in the morning just watching the beautiful sunrise. The island is a perfect peaceful place if you want to get out of the busy city to breath some fresh air and just relax.

Sunrise in Bantayan Island, Cebu

Before we had the actual dive, we were given a short orientation and instructions on what to expect and what are the do’s and don’t’s during  the dive proper. We were assured that the experience is safe. Although I told myself that there’s always risks in everything. That is why, I’ve prepared myself ahead of time and was ready whatever happens.

Safely landed! Whooohoo!

I was really nervous at first. I was the first dive of the day. And with a bonus points, we got the chance to meet Raymart Santiago and his friends who were then completing diving cases for their licenses if I’m not mistaken. We were 5 inside the what we call the tutubi place – Raymart and his friend who were doing solo dive, Me and Brad, the american instructor and my tandem dive partner and Sir Boyd, the pilot and coordinator.

Historical Fort San Pedro in Cebu City

When the plane started to move, I cannot explain why all the nervousness and worries disappeared. I told myself to just enjoy the experience, never close my eyes and just watch the breathtaking view of the island while free falling. And so it happened. When we reached 10 thousand feet high, Brad gave me the signal and we went out of the plane. He asked me to put my hands at the handle on the wings of the plane while we get out. Then, on his count, we jump out and free fall.

Offering prayers in Sto. Niño De Basilica, Cebu

The wind was strong. I felt the moment. I was like literally flying without wings. The feeling was great and it gave me a happy heart. We landed safely after Brad opened the parachute and made me experience how to control it even for a short while. That was one adventure I won’t ever forget.

Zubu Chon Lechon in IT Park

Before we left Cebu, we had some tour around the City, tried Zubu Chon and Rico’s Spicy Lechon which is still my favorite up to this time. We also offered prayers at the Basilica Del Sto. Niño, visited Magellan’s Cross and had a quick tour inside the Cebu City’s Fort San Pedro.

Having been in the north and central Cebu, looking forward to visit the south Cebu soon.

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