Mount 387 & Aloha Falls

Elevation: 724 masl
Difficulty Level: Backtrail 2/9; Traverse 4/9
Specs: Minor Climb, Trail Class 1
Hours to Summit: 2-3 hrs
Hours to Traverse: 6-8hrs
Registration/ Environmental fee: 40 Php
Guide fee: 300 Php
Guide to Hiker Ratio: 1:7

Unexpected Sea of Clouds in Mt. 387

Mount 387 or Mount Batong Amat is a 387 hectares land area where the locals adopted its name.  It is located in Puncan, Caranglan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. But why would you love to climb Mount 387?

On the way to the summit of Mt. 387

Upon arrival at the jump off site, a registration is required and a short history and orientation will be given by a local coordinator. What makes Mt. 387 special? It’s because everyone who climbs this mountain are required to plant a tree.

Tree planting activity is a requirement in Mt. 387

Isn’t it a great deal for the locals to bring back the natural ecosystem of the mountain where they hope and envisioned those wild bores to be back, that those narra trees be restored so, the natural habitats of the wild will also be establish again.

Sea of Clouds in Mt. 387

I never expected anything. All that I hear about this mountain is it’s a “pabebe” climb, an easy climb. I was a little surprise to see a sea of clouds. It was simply beautiful. And when we’ve started the trek, we’ve noticed that we barely walk. Roughly almost 80% of the trail to reach the summit is assault. So better prepare those knees and start your cardio in advance.

Summit View Mt. 387
Summit Mt. 387
Chocolate Hills of the North

When you reach the summit, a mesmerizing view of the hills is very noticeable. That is why, Mount 387 is also known to be the sightseeing viewdeck of the “Chocolate Hills of the North”. Many spots at the top are instagram worthy.

Lover’s Tree in Mt. 387

For those who will be doing a traverse climb, you will surely meet the “lover’s tree” which is believe to be giving love luck to those climbers who have a single status. The story began when 2 climbers met during their hike and ended up being in a relationship after. So for those who are still single, you may start planning to go on hiking to this mountain. LOL.

Traverse trail going down the river

The traverse part of the hike is a little hard. This is the way to Aloha Falls where the trail is steep. So, this is the part where your knee joints should really cooperate. When you reach the lowest part, a short river trekking will be encountered before you reach the Aloha Falls. Anyway, the view is worth the pain right after. You may enjoy a cold bath in the falls where you and your group can also have your lunch.

Aloha Falls

Moving forward, another 15-30 minutes trek again to reach the spot where you will be picked up by a truck going back to the jump off site. And the pick up truck ride is fun.


1. In case you bring less than 2L of water on other mountains, make sure to bring atleast 2-3 liters when climbing Mt. 387 especially if there is no anticipated rainfall. I tell you, it was a really hot and dehydrating hike especially because most of the part of the traverse trail is grassland. The heat of the sun is exaggaratingly burning.

2. You also need to have leg and armsleeves to protect yourself from small abrasions caused by grass known as talahib by Filipinos. This is also to protect yourself from sunburn due to the strong heat of the sun.

3. Make new friends. It’s the best part of the trip. 😊


Visit this mountain and support the campaign of the locals by adopting a seedling for tree planting.


Sample Itinerary: Traverse to Aloha Falls
1:00am: ETD Cubao (Take Tuguegarao or Isabela bound bus and tell the driver to drop you in Brgy. Puncan, Nueva Ecija)
5:30am: ETA Jump Off at Brgy. Puncan via JASA road if on a private vehicle.
6:00am : Preparation, Registration, Orientation
6:30am : Start Trek
9:00am : ETA Summit/ Batong Amat and Photo Ops
9:30am : Start Descend9:40am: ETA Lover’s Tree and Photo Ops
10:00am : Start Traverse to Aloha Falls via Tinikluha trail
11:15am : ETA River11:30am : ETA Aloha Falls and Lunch
1:00pm: ETD back to Jump Off
1:30pm: Wash Up
2:00pm: ETD back to Manila.

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